Duration of Matches
1. Thursday/Friday Pool Play Matches – Two 40 Minute Halves (No Overtime)
2. Saturday Pool Play Matches – Two 35 Minute Halves (No Overtime)
3. Saturday Consolation Matches – Two 35 Minute Halves (No Overtime)
4. Saturday Championship Matches – Two 35 Minute Halves (If match ends in a tie, there will be no overtime and match will be decided by penalty kicks)

Point System in Pool Play
1. Three points shall be awarded for each win.
2. One point shall be awarded for each tie.
3. Zero points shall be awarded for each loss.

Tie-Breakers in Pool Play
1. Head-to-Head Competition (In the result of a three-way tie, head-to head competition is not used.)
2. Goals Against
3. Goal Difference (Goals scored minus goals against.  Maximum of four goals per team for each game.)
4. Most Shutouts
5. Coin Flip

Tie-Breaker in Championship Match
1. Penalty Kicks (In the result of a tie after five penalty kicks, each team will take a penalty kick until a winner is decided.  Any player on the team can take a penalty kick.  Teams can begin to repeat players after 10th penalty kick.)

All players/coaches shown a RED CARD will be suspended for the following GAME and could be suspended for the remainder of the tournament depending on severity of red card.  Any attempt to cause physical harm to referees by players, coaches or parents will result in the team being automatically suspended from the tournament.  Teams receiving a red card will play a man down for the duration of match.

Additional Information
1. No protests will be accepted.
2. Failure to start on time will result in forfeiture (five minute grace period).
3. All other rule decisions will be under the CIF blue book guidelines for soccer.

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